Custom/Personalized Pillowcase
Custom/Personalized Pillowcase

Custom/Personalized Pillowcase

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EXCELLENT gift idea!

Do not spend any more time trying to decide what to give the tween-ager, young relative, classmate of your child...  Kids of all ages LOVE things with their names on them and love knowing that you know what they are into.  Bonus: their parents will love you for giving them something practical and that doesn't need batteries or a charging cord!

Getting a custom/personalized pillowcase is as easy as:

1.  WHO: give us some information about who the pillowcase is for: favourite colour(s), what are their loves (e.g. hobbies, activities, animals, food), age and gender.

2.  White Cuff or Patterned Cuff (Note: with patterned cuff, a thin white/light-coloured band is added for name stamping)

3.  Flannel or Woven Cotton

4.  Leave it with us OR we can send you some photos after we source the fabric options for the final selection.

5.  RELAX and get ready for the accolades!  

Pillowcases are 100% cotton, either flannel or woven (as selected by purchaser), for both main body and cuff and can be machine washed and dried.  Pillowcases with ink-stamping should be washed without the use of "stain-fighting" detergents.  Standard size.