5 Ways to Transition your Wardrobe and Home from Winter to Spring

Cosy wool and fleece fabrics and pillow in bright, spring colours

We have been getting a little taste of spring here in Southern Ontario, but on this first day of March there is more cold and snow on the way.  

If you are like me though, you are finding the winter decor and clothing accessories are getting a little tired.  (Or maybe it is me who is tired, I think the pillows are just fine.)

Which makes me think, we really have another season here.  Where winter things are too..."wintery" and it is still too cold for "spring" things.

So, shed the black and grey, buffalo plaid and heavy knits, with these clever ideas that will help you embrace a bit of spring, in a practical sort of way:

1.  Bright Colours & Winter CosyThis first one is obvious, and general, but not always easy to pull off since spring-like colours and winter-like fabrics do not always go hand-in-hand.  Wherever you can, work the two together, like in the examples below. 

2.  Velvet Scarves:  Yes, we still need scarves.  But a velvet number in spring tones has a plushness that feels cosy but a freshness that screams spring.

three velvet scarves in pink blush, ivory with aqua and black and black floral

3.  Spring on the Outside, Winter on the Inside:  Neck wraps with bright colours and floral linens that are lined with micro-fleece check all of the boxes at this time of year. 


4.  Velvet Cushions and Lined Throws:  We all know the quickest way to change a room for the season is by switching out the accent cushions or throws.  Ready to pack away the buffalo plaid and chunky knits but not quite ready for summer linen?  Enter velvet and heavily textured fabrics and throws lined with micro-fleece or minky, all in lighter, brighter colours, of course.  Like the scarves above, the weight and feel is cosy but the look is all spring.

 5.  Flannel Pillowcases:  Really a year-round favourite, except maybe the dog-days of summer. Endless colours and prints make it super easy to lighten the look and change with the season.  (Sidenote: these are great for camping and cottaging too)  

 So my friends, stay cosy for the next couple of months but do it in spring-like style!



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