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You Have a New Neck Wrap! Now, how to Wear It?

Congratulations on you neck wrap! First and foremost, there is no "right" way to wear one of these wraps.  It all comes down to a matter of personal preference and, in a time-starved pinch, they can just be worn as a regular scarf!   To get you started, we have outlined our favourite way to wear one of the long wraps in the photos/steps depicted below.     1.  Hold wrap horizontally in front of you, with loop in left hand. 2.  Position toggle near left shoulder. 3.  Wrap right side around back of neck.  (You may want to tuck the right end into your collar at this point) 4.  Wrap the left end around the back of the neck, across the...

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Wearing our Pride

We are no strangers to donning the maple leaf and red & white around here.  If fact, Canada Day is second only to Christmas on my family’s list of favourite holidays.  But did you know there are other ways to wear your national pride?   The Maple Leaf Tartan was created by David Weiser in 1964 in preparation for the 100th anniversary of confederation in 1967 and became an official symbol of Canada on March 9, 2011.  The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages at the time, the Honourable James Moore, summed it up best:  "Our national symbols express our identity and define our history. The Maple Leaf Tartan represents the contributions that the more than four million Canadians of...

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