Collections in the Closet

A new year is almost upon us.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Purge time.  Time to get organized. However you look at it, it usually means the annual re-visit of that collection of memorabilia that you can't bring yourself to part with, yet don't know quite what to do with. You know, the stack of concert T-shirts, bin of special baby clothes, grandma's table linens, old sports jerseys...  

Instead of packing them away again, I want to finally find the time to re-purpose my collections so they can be appreciated more than once a year.  After all, if it is special enough to keep, it should be seen.  And it is all fabric and I can do fabric.  Transforming something old(er) into something new, to be cherished in a whole new way, is exciting and rewarding.

As an added bonus, it will free up precious closet space for some of those special holiday gifts.

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