Collections in the Closet - An Update

A holiday weekend here with almost spring-like weather in the forecast inevitably means some spring cleaning and purging is going to take place.  That, combined with recently finishing a commission piece and some other "upcycle" projects, made this a good time for a follow up to my New Year's blog.  

One thing that I have discovered is that I LOVE sweater pillows!  The way they look, the way the feel, the absolute cosiness of them...  And as much as warmer weather is in our immediate future, winter will still be with us for another month or so.  The idea of possibly saving an old sweater from landfill is almost an added bonus.  I had a few old ones kicking around that I loved the knit of, but not the style or fit.  Some have/will become pillows, and I have a few others earmarked for a throw.

And the souvenir T-shirts, saved by their owner for over 25 years, delivered to me in pieces, have been transformed into a pillow that will find a new home in a renovated studio/music room (a far cry from the plastic bag, in the closet, where they have been stowed all these years).

Photos of both projects are in the Custom Gallery.

That the next inspiration may be tucked safely away in a closet or drawer has me almost wanting to spring clean! Almost.  Happy purging!

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