All Names are Celebrated

We all know them, the racks in souvenir shops with all manner of trinkets with "your name" on them: keychains, pens, magnets...  You search and search for your name, anticipation growing, only to find that it isn't there, it is spelled differently or it is the short form but you use the long (or vice versa).  Almost as bad, if you have been lucky enough to find your name, is to find that the one with your name comes in THE WORST colour! Trivial troubles for sure, but I can imagine for anyone who rarely finds items with their name, it is pretty special to have something personalized.  That is the beauty of custom orders.  Rainbow Stardust? Susan with a silent "K"? Champ? Whatever the name, whatever the spelling, even a nickname, it can be put on a special item made in the "perfect" colours.  Check out our Personalized Items collection or contact us if you have an idea for something you don't see.  We will do it if we can.  That is the beauty of custom orders.

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