Green - Yay or Nay

So here's the thing.  I have never been a lover of the colour green.  

When Pantone released their colours for Spring 2017, I was at first thrilled - 3 blues!  But quickly my elation turned to despair - 2 greens.  And not only that, one of them was chosen "Color of the Year".

The funny thing is, toward the edges of the green spectrum lie some of my favourite colours: teal and turquoise, even chartreuse and lime.  But mid-spectrum green? Not so much.

Short of surrounding myself with plants (which is not a bad idea anyway), I am deciding whether I should just dabble in green or completely break away from my comfort zone and embrace it? An all or nothing kind of approach.

I think I may start with baby steps, a bit of "greenery" and another of my not so favourites - pink (like Pantone's "pink yarrow"), with a lot of white and black.  It may seem small, but for me using green and pink, together no less, is huge.

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