"Making Everyday Special" - the inside scoop

You wake up and lift your head from your pillowcase.  Dry your hands on the dishtowel for the millionth time while making breakfast and packing lunches.  Pack up the gym clothes and the "indoor" shoes. Wrap a scarf around your neck and off you go. 
Before your day is a couple of hours old, you have touched dozens of textiles.  Sure they did the job, met the need, but were they "take-notice" worthy? Did they bring you joy?  We are not talking over the top gushing about your dishtowels.  But why not have beautiful textiles? Handmade, quality fabric and designs and styles that reflect who you are, make you happy and cheer up the most mundane of tasks.
It's all about taking time to appreciate the small things, to celebrate each day and to make everyday special.
To get you thinking, we have created some products that make us happy.  Maybe something speaks to you too? Maybe it's just not quite right - a different colour perhaps?  Contact us.  Together we can create items that bring you joy, tell your story and celebrate your milestones.

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