The Reno

When we moved into our new house, it was just the two of us and it seemed positively palatial.  Sixteen years and 3 kids later, not so much.  Over those 16 years our decorating style became...utilitarian.  Long gone were the weekend forays to antique markets, artist studios, even garage sales.  

Several months ago, while considering the possibility of re-locating, we took a good look at what was and wasn't working for us in our house as our needs and those of our boys, now aged 7-14, had definitely changed.  The end result was a plan for what we consider The Reno, really more like a re-decorating project, but after so many years this is a big deal.  

What the time has allowed, is for us to hone in on our style.  Still eclectic, with tendencies to industrial and post-modern, but with a little of just about everything else mixed in. There are basically 3 rules: quality, functionality and we have to love it.

Those who follow textile on Instagram have already seen the newest addition to the mix, the beautiful credenza in the photo, which perfectly fits the space dedicated for it and perfectly holds every piece of stemware, china, cutlery and linen we need it to.  

With most of the furniture moved, the spaces are taking on their new roles.  Next up is some re-painting and then the fun stuff - artwork and textiles!  Accent cushions, window coverings...

The trouble, of course, will be choosing from all of the fantastic fabric designs out there. Wish me luck and stay tuned for updates.

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