Velvet is Having a Moment

Of course, in it’s long and lustrous history, back to at least 2000 B.C. when Cairo was the production hub, there have been many moments.  From it’s introduction to Europe along the Silk Road, through it’s golden age of the Renaissance (when gold and silver were woven into the fabric), during the jubilant 1920’s and in the decadent ‘70’s and ‘80’s.

It is definitely back and It is popping up everywhere! Browse any magazine or social media feed and you will see velvet cushions, throws, headboards, jackets and scarves.

But this time around it is used sparingly and is at the same time fresh and cosy.  Perhaps appealing to our present fondness for Scandinavian style and hygge.  But all of this takes a back seat to velvet’s most enduring quality.  That which is the result of the weaving process that makes velvet, velvet and that can only be experienced through touch.   Velvet is the feeling of luxury and it is unparalleled.

It nods to the past, of royalty, prosperity, decadence and luxury. 

Velvet is staying current, with the traditional jewel tones of winter being swapped for lighter shades and even pastels, taking us right into spring, and likely summer, without skipping a beat.  

In the new age of velvet, it is appearing in unexpected places; cushions on a modern sofa, a throw in a boho bedroom or, my personal favourite, a scarf worn with a jean jacket.  The resulting tension creates bold and dramatic results and hints at a certain confidence in the person that dares to embrace it.

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